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Slab Foundation

Slab Foundation in Houston, TX

Do you need a strong, economical, and sustainable foundation for your new home or structure? Depend on Du-West Services to install a quality slab foundation in Houston, TX. We also provide concrete slab repair for most structures, including residential and commercial buildings, industrial facilities, bridges, and any other buildings.. We arrive promptly and perform a thorough inspection of your foundation before determining what, if any, repairs are necessary.

When you need slab repair, look no further than our well-respected and established company Our nearly 40 years of experience, proper equipment, and even better slab installation service create an environment where honesty is the only policy and foundation work is guaranteed.

When to Receive Concrete Slab Repair

 Act fast when you notice any signs of foundation damage, which include sticking doors and cracking sheetrock or brick veneer. Rest assured that the only work our slab repair company performs is the work that is necessary to keep your foundation in the best shape. Our lifetime, transferable warranty covers all of the foundations we repair.

Are you concerned that the damage is not covered by your insurance? After our inspection, our contractors can tell you what caused the damage. If a leak caused the foundation damage, we will write up a report for you to give to your insurance company. Our goal is to save you money and ensure that the damage is covered.  It is important to have an experienced concrete slab repair company you can trust to save you time and money.

Slab Repair Company with 100% Financing Available

Don’t let money stand in the way of the repairs you need. You wouldn’t put off car repair, because you depend on your vehicle to get you from place to pace. So, don’t put off correcting damage to your home. It could be more expensive the longer you wait. Our foundation company [HP] offers up to 100% financing too. Complete any improvements to your foundation so that you don’t have to wait to fix your home’s foundation. Choose our slab repair company that cares about keeping you safe.

Prompt & Professional Slab Installation Service

Concrete has the ability to be any color you desire and even maintain a polished sheen if you want. It makes it an ideal foundation for those who have an eye for a different kind of design for their home. It is also easy to clean and maintain. The other major benefits for a concrete slab foundation include:

» Sustainability
» Easy Care

» Longevity
» Versatility

» Economical

Slab Work Houston, TX

Contact us today for a free estimate on slab foundation repair or installation. We proudly serve Houston, Sugar Land, Katy, League City, and Friendswood, Texas.