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House Raising Company in Houston, TX

If you’ve purchased a home in an area prone to flooding, you’re likely familiar with the dangers posed by sudden storms. This is especially true if your house isn’t elevated. If you’re tired of worrying about floods, or you’ve experienced firsthand the damage a flood can cause in a low-set house, you don’t have to settle for living in fear. There’s a way to protect yourself from flood damage without packing up and moving. 

It’s possible to add a better foundation to your home with help from our professional house raising company. In Houston, TX, we help local homeowners safely lift their homes while foundations are built beneath them. Don’t wait for disaster to strike before reaching out to our team – instead, take preventative measures and have your home’s foundation strengthened or built on.

What is “House Lifting?”

The term “house lifting,” used interchangeably with “building jacking,” refers to the process by which our contractors will elevate your home, enabling foundation contractors to work safely beneath it. As you can imagine, this is a very delicate procedure, and it’s well worth your time and energy to invest in services from a team you can trust. After all, your entire home is up in the air – quite literally!

During the lifting process, our capable crew will use specialty jacks to steadily and evenly lift your entire home into the air. This approach enables us to minimize any plaster and drywall cracks that stand to happen along the way. Once the house is lifted, we’ll add supports underneath, making it safer and easier for foundation contractors to work below it.

Flood Zone

Why Choose Our House Raising Company?

As longtime foundation contractors, our team understands homeowners’ needs. We’ve served our community for several years, and we’ve witnessed firsthand the stress and heartache floods can cause in your family. That’s why we offer comprehensive house lifting and foundation services conveniently under one roof. We make protecting your home as easy as possible.

Along with house jacking, our company offers a large selection of services for residential and commercial buildings. We can repair damage to your foundation, as well as install and repair retaining walls and slabs. Best of all, our work comes with written guarantees. Rest easy knowing you’ve recruited foundation contractors that care about your satisfaction and your safety.

Contact our house raising company today to discuss your upcoming project and your needs. We proudly serve residents of Houston, Texas, and surrounding areas.